Philips Truck Series (Season 3)

# of races

12 (6 each division)

Driver Champion

Joseph Onesto (east)
Rei Takita (west)

First Race

Toyota Tires 175 (East)
Auto Club 175 (west)

Last Race

Nintendo 200 (east)
Dodge// 200 (west)

This is the third season of the Philips Truck Series, it is known as the "Summer Series". Sign-ups were posted June 22nd, 2013.

Pre Season Changes

  • The Total amount of cars changed to 18 per division.
  • There will be no All-Star race weekend, but it will return in Season 4.

Track Changes

  • Zanvoort will be held for the new "Rookies + DASCAR Presidents Shootout", exclusively for both divisions. Rookies and DASCAR Presidents only will be participating.

Mid-Season changes

  • Cartoon Network takes over the West Division starting at Auto Club.

Time Warner Cable Changes

  • Time Warner Cable Sportsnet will introduce a new graphics package, similar to the Tom Tom international Touring Series.
  • Time Warner Cable Sportsnet will now broadcast the East Division, after Cartoon Network giving Time Warner Cable $3.5 million dollars, so that they can air the West Division exclusively.
  • It was announced that the new graphics package, Time Warner Cable Sportsnet 2.0, will introduce a ticker, and the Time Warner Cable logo will be apart of it. The flag will be on top, as well.
The ticker will only have Top 5, Top 3, and Leaders for scoring.

Both Divisions Pre-Season Schedule

Race # Course Event Winner
NC Zanvoort Rookies + DASACR Presidents Shootout presented by Dodge and Time Warner Cable Dom Caps (East)
Aoi Tuskage (West)
Irwindale Dodge// 300 presented by Cartoon Network

East Schedule (Old Trucks)

Race # Course Event Winner
1 Kentucky Toyota Tires 150 TBA
2 New Hampshire Philips 125 TBA
3 Watkins Glen Sprint 75 TBA
4 Eldora Doctor Who Classic @ Eldora (Doctor Who 300) TBA
5 Oxford Plains Dodge// Dart 150 TBA
6 BullRing East Nintendo 200 TBA

West Schedule (New Trucks)

Race # Course Event Winner
1 Auto Club Speedway Auto Club 175 Moka Akashiya
2 Las Vegas Vegas Slots 100 TBA
3 Sonoma Sprint 80 TBA
4 Irwindale Toyota 300 TBA
5 Texas NRA 100 TBA
6 Bullring West Dodge// 200 TBA

West Division Team Chart


Team Car # Driver
Goodwrench Racing 3 Aoi Tuskage
4 Freddie Bedford
Advocare Motors w/ MLP 7 Jaime Pintor
Top Notch Racing 02 Beth Senese
Utica Racing Group 06 Prudence Littlejohn
Rome'in Motors 12 Sam Constantine
14 Bill Jacobs
Dodge Racing 19 Nick Caps
23 Nick Duncan
Hauschild Motors 24 Hannah Hauschield
29 Moka Akashiya
Richard Petty Motorsports 43 Andrew Robinson
49 Billie Jean
74 Jason Vorhees
K-Mart Racing 87 Molly Black
RGE Motors 93 Rei Takita
147 Judith Pieete

East Division Team Chart

Team Car # Driver
Richard Childress Racing 2 Jacob Budd
Turner Motorsports 4 Blake Hauschild
Eddie Sharp Racing 6 Robbert Pieete
8 Dom Caps
Red Horse Racing 7 Yvone Pintor
SS Greenlight Racing 07 Gabriel Souza
Chaos Racing w/ KBM Motors 18 Emile Michaels
Brad K Racing 19 Zachery Robinson
29 Jake Williams
Turner Motorsports 30 Andrea Ericson
Top Notch Racing 62 Joesph Onesto
Menards Racing 88 Julia Black


  • This season marks the one and only time there was divisions for a "Truck Series" season.
  • This is the only canceled season.
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