Philips Truck Series (Season 2)

# of races


Driver Champion

Blake Hauschild

First Race

NextEra 250

Last Race

Burger King 200

Full Schedule

Race # Course Event Winner
NC DAYTONA Time Warner Cable Shootout Emile Michaels
1 NextEra 250 Blake Hauschild
2 Auto Club Xbox 150 Andrea Ericson
3 Las Vegas CineVegas 100 Pichu London
4 Eldora Doctor Who Classic @ Eldora Jaime Pintor
5 The Glen Freeman's Mind @ The Glen Jake Williams
NC Charlotte Time Warner Cable/Sprint Shootut Josesph Onesto
Philips All-Star Race Jake Williams
6 Jaime Pintor 100 Pichu London
7 Walt Disney Leatherface: The Son 300 Julia Black
8 Talledega Freeman's Mind 100 Blake Hauschild
9 South Boston Mash*tima 100 Daniel Day
10 Dover Burger King 200 Jake Williams

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