The ninth season for the Philips Cup Series will be hosted by Robbert Pieete on his YouTube channel, Tasmandutch. It began with the Red Bull Shootout exhibition race at Daytona International Speedway on February 4th, 2017. The first points race was the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway on February 12th, 2017. The final race will be the Famous Last Words 600, held at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Driver List

Car # Manufacturer Driver Sponsor
0 Renault Phillip Purpura* Rothman's
2 Volkswagen Aiden Thomas Momo
4 Hyundai Phillip Goldberg Haas
6 Audi DJ Kirker* Hankook
8 Nissan Rei Takita Animate
9 BMW Kris Gomez Napa
02 Chevrolet Prudence Littlejohn Gypsum Express
04 Nissan Joshua Michaels Toonami
05 Infiniti Benoit Lothaire-Irvine* (6)

Audra Baranauskas*

Red Bull
06 Infiniti Aiden Shepherd (6)

William Brock*

Red Bull
08 Nissan Devon Roberts* Vodafone
09 John Arndt*
13 Kyle Basaglia* (6) Creative
17 Nicole Trojanowicz Falken
18 Toyota Anna Gregg Monster
19 Ford Joshua Ciculli* Best Buy
21 Alfa Romeo Sebastian Torres* Carrefour
23 Brian Fox* Vortex
24 Chevrolet


GianCarlo Robles DuPont
27 Lexus Jaime Pintor My Little Pony
29 Alfa Romeo Caitlin Tsang* Zagrebacka Banka
30 Infiniti Henrietta Fitzwater Warsteiner
32 Acura Chris Dodd* Tide
33 Volvo Tommy Turbo* Wilson
36 Madalynn Adkins (6) Onlywatch
38 Mazda Beth Black UPS
41 Keith Black Target
43 Betty Johnson Fosters
44 Rocco Twyman* (6) Marlboro
45 Lexus Pria McShane* Gillette
48 Volkswagen Martin Suarez*
51 Hyundai Sanne Kors Michael Kors
52 Acura Cody Smart* Halfords
54 Toyota Robert Goldberg M&M's Crispy
59 Zachary Fitzwater Tequila Patron
60 Emmanuel Hartnett*
62 Tesla Joseph Onesto Top Notch Designs
67 Hyundai Debbie Meijers Matmut
72 Chevrolet Sean Angel (35) Canada Dry
John Cittadino (1) Muc-Off
73 Chevrolet John Cittadino Battlefield
77 Mazda Denise Steinhauer Gulf
81 Audi Daniel Voyles Mtn Dew Kickstart
83 Peugeot Max Anderson* XBOX One
87 Nick Caps* (6) Petronas
91 Dom Caps (6)

Angel Navarro*

222 Dodge Alexander Rowe Shell

Race Schedule

The race schedule consisted of 36 races, two less than the previous year. Kyalami returns to the schedule and replaces Zandvoort. Rockingham returns to the schedule and replaces Grand Detour's race date. Grand Detour is moved to the race before The Chase, replacing Atlanta. Irwindale replaces Buffalo Downs and the Mudwinter Classic moves to Volusia, one race after and combined into one event, rather than a sprint and main. Twin Ring Motegi's race date is pushed back, replacing Richmond on the schedule. Watkins Glen returns to the schedule as a single-race event. Delaware and the Nurburgring are added to the schedule. Willow Springs is moved into the Chase, Monza is dropped from the schedule, and Cayuga replaces Bristol.

Race # Track Venue Pole Sitter Race Winner
1 Daytona Daytona 500 Cody Smart Dom Caps
2 South Boston South Boston Sprint Race Tommy Turbo GianCarlo Robles
3 South Boston South Boston Main Race Chris Dodd Prudence Littlejohn
4 Michigan Michigan Sprint Race DJ Kirker Phillip Purpura
5 Michigan Michigan Main Race Phillip Goldberg Dom Caps
6 Kyalami Groot Prys van Kyalami Denise Steinhauer Max Anderson
7 Utica-Rome Utica Sprint Race Kris Gomez Kris Gomez
8 Utica-Rome Utica Main Race Sebastian Torres Debbie Meijers
9 Zen-Joltis Xtreme Sprint Race Beth Black Denise Steinhauer
10 Zen-Joltis Xtreme Main Race
11 Rockingham Rockingham Sprint Race
12 Rockingham Rockingham Main Race
13 Le Mans Grand Prix du Mans
14 Irwindale Irwindale Sprint Race
15 Irwindale Irwindale Main Race
16 Volusia Mudwinter Classic
17 Columbia Columbia Carrera de Sprint
18 Columbia Columbia Carrera Principal
19 Watkins Glen Watkins Glen Grand Prix
20 Twin Ring Motegi Motegi Supurintoresu
21 Twin Ring Motegi Motegi Omona Resu
22 Gorilla Snot Gorilla Sprint Race
23 Gorilla Snot Gorilla Main Race
24 Delaware Delaware Derby
25 Nordschleife Grober Preis vom Nurburgring
26 Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Sprint Race
27 Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Main Race
28 Grand Detour Grand Detour Sprint Race
29 Grand Detour Grand Detour Main Race
Chase for the Philips Cup Series
30 Syracuse Syracuse Sprint Race
31 Syracuse Syracuse Main Race
32 Willow Springs Willow Springs Challenge
33 Talladega Dega Sprint Race
34 Talladega Dega Main Race
35 Cayuga Cayuga Cup
36 Charlotte Famous Last Words 600
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