The eighth season for the Philips Cup Series was hosted by Robbert Pieete on his YouTube channel, Tasmandutch. It began with the Red Bull Shootout exhibition race at Daytona International Speedway on August 24th, 2015. The first points race was the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway, held on August 31st, 2015, and the final race was the Famous Last Words 600, held at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 28th, 2016.

Driver List[]


Race Schedule[]

Race # Track Venue Pole Sitter Race Winner
1 Daytona Daytona 500 Denise Steinhauer Beth Senese
2 South Boston South Boston Sprint Race Harry Hills Leia Walker
3 South Boston South Boston Main Race Troy Kang Debbie Meijers
4 Michigan Michigan Sprint Race Jaime Pintor Jaime Pintor
5 Michigan Michigan Main Race Harry Hills Harry Hills
6 Zandvoort Autosport nl Challenge Inge Lamboliana Jaime Pintor
7 Utica-Rome Utica Sprint Race Joseph Onesto Phillip Goldberg
8 Utica-Rome Utica Main Race Debbie Meijers Debbie Meijers
9 Zen-Joltis Xtreme Sprint Race Jaime Pintor Jackson Braun
10 Zen-Joltis Xtreme Main Race Harry Hills Denise Steinhauer
11 Grand Detour Grand Detour Sprint Race Prudence Littlejohn Leia Walker
12 Grand Detour Grand Detour Main Race Diana Vasquez Robert Goldberg
13 Le Mans Grand Prix du Mans Harry Hills Nicole Trojanowicz
14 Buffalo Downs Mudwinter Sprint Anna Gregg Tua Tupola
15 Buffalo Downs Mudwinter Classic Harry Hills Dom Caps
16 Twin Ring Motegi Motegi Supurintoresu Phillip Goldberg Anna Gregg
17 Twin Ring Motegi Motegi Omona Resu Dillon Young Luke Walker
18 Columbia Columbia Carrera de Sprint Jaime Pintor Denise Steinhauer
19 Columbia Columbia Carrera Principal Diana Vasquez Robert Goldberg
20 Richmond Richmond Sprint Race Betty Johnson Betty Johnson
21 Richmond Richmond Main Race Annie Thomas Jeffery Finguy
22 Gorilla Snot Gorilla Sprint Race Noortje Smits Tua Tupola
23 Gorilla Snot Gorilla Main Race Rei Takita Annie Thomas
24 Rockingham UK Rockingham Sprint Race Jeffery Finguy Bryce Ryals
25 Rockingham Rockingham Main Race Bryce Ryals Dillon Young
26 Willow Springs Willow Springs Challenge Jackson Braun Robert Goldberg
27 Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Sprint Race Joshua Michaels Henrietta Fitzwater
28 Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Main Race Phillip Goldberg Debbie Meijers
29 Atlanta Atlanta Sprint Race Zachary Fitzwater Leia Walker
30 Atlanta Atlanta Main Race Rocco Twyman Kris Wascher
Chase for the Philips Cup Series
31 Syracuse Syracuse Sprint Race Luke Walker GianCarlo Robles
32 Syracuse Syracuse Main Race Demi Spaander Alex Hawkins
33 Monza Gran Premio di Monza Kris Wascher Leia Walker
34 Talladega Dega Sprint Race Daniel Voyles Dillon Young
35 Talladega Dega Main Race Debbie Meijers Inge Lamboliana
36 Bristol Bristol Sprint Race John Cittadino Nicole Trojanowicz
37 Bristol Bristol Main Race Jackson Braun Luke Walker
38 Charlotte Famous Last Words 600 Troy Kang Max Claudell


  • Both the Walker siblings and the Goldberg brothers won races this season. All four drivers won their first career Philips Cup Series races and combined, they won ten of thirty-eight races, over a fourth of the schedule.
  • This was Inge Lamboliana's third championship and her first since Season 3.
  • Seventeen drivers scored their first career victories this season, the most of any season. Of those seventeen, four scored multiple victories, with Leia Walker scoring the most, at four.
  • Jackson Braun broke a seven season losing streak, winning his first ever PCS race at Zen-Joltis.