The seventh season for the Philips Cup Series is hosted by Robbert Pieete on his YouTube channel, Tasmandutch. It began with the TND Shootout exhibition race at Daytona International Speedway on March 7th, 2014. The first points race was the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway, held on March 23rd, 2014, and the final race was the Famous Last Words 600, held at Charlotte Motor Speedway on April 5th, 2015.

Driver List[]

Car # Manufacturer Driver Sponsor
1 Nissan Jocelyn van der Aart Norton
4 Jordan Culp* BP
8 Rei Takita Animate
9 Makoto Iguchi* Napa
01 Inge Lamboliana P!nk
04 Joshua Michaels Sasuke
06 Mercedes Kris Wascher* Red Bull
08 Emily Michaels Quicksilver
09 Diana Vasquez* Citgo
12 Nissan Alex Smith Monster
13 Cadillac Ian Dutta* Sprint
14 Deon Scott Martini
17 Mazda Nicole Trojanowicz* Falken
18 Anna Gregg Monster
23 Jason Sinclair* SP Tools
24 Dom Caps NY Yankees
27 Jaime Pintor My Little Pony
30 Keith Batson Harley Davidson
31 BMW Cassandra Renzi*

Andrea Ericson

32 Isaac Sinclair* Dollar General
36 Jeremy Dube Whelen
38 Shawn Howell ADTR
39 Honda Annie Thomas* Acer
41 Dodge Beth Black* Target
43 Tina Anderson III* FedEx
48 Chevy Zachary Robinson* Lowe's
51 Sanne Kors* Gulf
55 Skoda Kevin Waters* Starbucks
57 EG Robinson* A&W
61 Afla Romeo Zach Sasser* TND
62 Afla Romeo Joseph Onesto TND
63 Afla Romeo Beth Senese TND
67 Debbie Meijers Matmut
69 Ford Kelley Waters Dell
72 Chevy John Cittadino xPedx
77 Denise Steinhauer* Windows 8
81 Audi Daniel Voyles* Mtn Dew Kickstart
82 Eline Suijten LP Rise Against
85 Citroen Denise van Leeuwen* IZOD
94 BMW Jackie Tang* Vita4One
95 Chevy Andrew Robinson* Leavine Family Racing
98 BMW Saya Asumi* Florida Lottery

Driver Changes[]

  • Jordan Culp, Makoto Iguchi, Diana Vasquez, Ian Dutta, Nicole Trojanowicz, Jason Sinclair, Cassandra Renzi Isaac Sincalir Annie Thomas, Beth Black, Tina Anderson III, Zachary Robinson, Sanne Kors, Kevin Waters, EG Robinson, Zach Sasser, Denise Steinhauer, Daniel Voyles, Denise van Leeuwen, Jackie Tang, Andrew Robinson, and Saya Asumi enter the series as rookies.
  • Samantha Emerson, Michael Krakander, Blake Haushchild, Ryan Anderson, Robin Podolski, Jeffre Buckeye, Kyle Thomas, Tyler Everest, Elise Kortekaas, John Andrews, Kieth Black, Max Powers, Jeff Stevens, Mason Wood, Connor Breton, Dirk Roogkloot, Eveline Lotterer, Jackson Phillips, Larissa van der Voet, Judith Pieete, Nick Caps, Sam Brady, Peter Saviano, Natalie Hills, and Steven Kimball did not return for Season 7 competition.
  • Former competitor Deon Scott returns to competition.
  • All other drivers swapped rides, with the exception of Jocelyn van der Aart, Inge Lamboliana, Joshua Michaels, Anna Gregg, Dom Caps, Jaime Pintor, Kieth Batson, Jeremy Dube, Shawn Howell, , Joseph Onesto, Kelley Waters, and Eline Suijten.
  • Tessa Sato-Jackson passed away at the Dragonett Speedway before the season began. Her number was retired and a special decal in tribute to her has been placed on the C-pillar of every car in Philips Cup competition ever since.
  • Andrea Ericson won a pole the previous season, and thus participated in the Bud Shootout. She however handed over the ride to Cassandra Renzi, and did start in a standard points-paying event.

Race Schedule[]

The race schedule consisted of 22 races. Texas returns to the schedule replacing Indianapolis. Kyalami's race date is moved to Watkins Glen, which was dropped from the schedule. Zen Joltis is moved to Kyalami's old date, and Buffalo Downs was added to fill Zen Joltis' previous date. Motegi replaces the Lausitzring. Gorilla Snot replaces Eldora. Monza replaces Grand Detour's date. Grand Detour is pushed back to race 13, replacing Rockingham. Zandvoort is moved to the Chase, replacing Spa, moving Coca Cola's race date forward one and adding Rockingham UK to the schedule.

Race # Track Venue Pole Sitter Race Winner
1 Daytona Daytona 500 Jordan Culp Jaime Pintor
2 South Boston Saturn 240 Beth Black Dom Caps
3 Texas Linkin Park 500 Ian Dutta Beth Black
4 Kyalami Sasol 300 Anna Gregg Anna Gregg
5 Utica-Rome xpedx 250 Betty Johnson Denise van Leeuwen
6 Michigan Instagram 400 Haruka Takita Nicole Trojanowicz
7 Race City Canadian Tire 250 Betty Johnson Andrew Robinson
8 Zen-Joltis Xxxxtreme 600 Justin Yee Jackie Tang
9 Buffalo Downs Air France/ KLM 300 Justin Yee Makoto Iguchi
10 Twin Ring Motegi Nippon 400 Nicole Trojanowicz Eline Suijten
11 Monza Gucci 500 Jordan Culp Shawn Howell
12 Gorilla Snot Lucas Oil 300 Nick Duncan Kelly Waters
13 Grand Detour Dancemasters 500 Rei Takita Andrew Robinson
14 Coca Cola Simyo 500 Kelly Waters Debbie Meijers
15 Rockingham UK HSBC 400 Inge Lamboliana Inge Lamboliana
16 Richmond Kenwood 400 Mason Powers Justin Yee
17 Atlanta Hunting Party 500 Jordan Culp Jaime Pintor
Chase for the Philips Cup Series
18 Syracuse Menards 400 Zach Sasser Nick Duncan
19 Zandvoort Hankook Challenge Jordan Culp Kate Skirvin
20 Talladega Gulf 499 Denise Steinhauer John Cittadino
21 Bristol Gillette 500 Isaac Sinclair Andrew Robinson
22 Charlotte Famous Last Words 600 Beth Senese Nicole Trojanowicz