The fourth season for the Philips Cup Series was hosted by Robbert Pieete on his YouTube channel, Tasmandutch. It began with the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway on November 17, 2012 and concluded with the Final Countdown 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway on January 25, 2013. Larissa van der Voet won the driver's championship.

Driver List[]

Car # Manufacturer Driver Sponsor
2 Dodge Evan Gattuso Miller Lite
3 Chevrolet Avi Saks* GM Goodwrench
5 Chevrolet Anna Gregg* Kellogg's/CarQuest
7 Ford Dillon White* Jim Beam
8 Chevrolet Jarrett Stymest Budweiser
9 Ford Australian Flag.png Ryan Anderson Stanley Tools
00 Toyota Connor Breton Burger King
01 Lincoln Dutch Flag.png Inge Lamboliana One Direction
04 Lincoln American Flag.png Joshua Michaels* Chaos Motorsports/GameStop
07 Chevrolet Hayden Kline Jack Daniels
09 Chevrolet Chris Akin Miccosukee Resorts
11 Chevrolet Aaron Mason FedEx
16 Ford Jackson Phillips Ameriquest
17 Ford Aaron Williams DeWalt
20 Chevrolet Logan Smith Home Depot
21 Ford David Rochester* Little Debbie
24 Chevrolet American Flag.png Dom Caps* DuPont
29 Chevrolet Mason Wood Shell / Pennzoil
30 Ford Keith Batson Harley-Davidson
33 Chevrolet John Cittadino* Holiday Inn
36 Toyota Trevor Holt 360 OTC
38 Ford Shawn Howell M&M's
40 Dodge Beth Black* Coors Light
41 Camaro Renesmee Brown* Pandora Jewelry
42 Camaro Tyler Brown Apple
43 Dodge Johnathan Thomen* Cheerios
44 Toyota Rob Bob* UPS
45 Dodge Dillon Delgado* Wells Fargo
48 Chevrolet Australian Flag.png Max Power Lowe's
55 Toyota Billy Bishop NAPA Auto Parts
60 Chevrolet American Flag.png Joseph Onesto Top Notch Designs
61 # Chevrolet American Flag.png Beth Senese* Top Notch Designs
62 Taurus Dutch Flag.png Eveline Lotterer Spartaan / Radobank
66 Chevrolet Cameron Yetz* Best Buy
69 Buick Paul Winters* KFC / McDonald's
72 Lincoln Dutch Flag.png Larissa van der Voet Groenendaal / Philips
78 Chevrolet Marshall Ritch Furniture Row
82 Buick Dutch Flag.png Eline Suijten Billy Talent / Hard Rock Cafe
83 $ Toyota Gregory Coleman* Red Bull
Dutch Flag.png Johanna Darcy
84 Toyota John Andrews* Red Bull
89 Dodge Sam Brady Racing with Jesus
92 Taurus Dutch Flag.png Charlene van Pelt Large
99 Ford Pichu London* Office Depot

* Denotes a rookie.

# Beth Senese replaced the #83 entry that withdrew.

$ Gregory Coleman withdrew, and Johanna Darcy filled in the seat for the following race. The team then dissolved.

Driver Changes[]

  • Avi Saks, Anna Gregg, Dillon White, Joshua Michaels, David Rochester, Dom Caps, John Cittadino, Beth Black, Renesmee Brown, Johnathan Thomen, Rob Bob, Dillon Delgado, Beth Senese, Cameron Yetz, Paul Winters, Gregory Coleman, John Andrews, Pichu London enter the series as rookies.
  • Ray Castor, Noah Maier, Colin Cropley, Chris Summers, Peter Saviano, Jacey Criss, Tessa Sato-Jackson, Jaime Pintor, Christopher Harley, Dillon Young, Isaac Smith, Sam Young, Justin Allmendinger, Molly Jeter, Roger Holt, Noah Hart, David Amerson, Christine Jeter, Derrick Glenn, and Michael Jeter did not return for season 4 competition.
  • Former competitors Chris Akin, Aaron Williams, Billy Bishop, Marshall Ritch, and Johanna Darcy return to competition.
  • All other drivers swapped rides, with the exception of Evan Gattuso, Inge Lamboliana, Hayden Kline, Joseph Onesto, Mason Wood, Shawn Howell, Eline Suijten, Larissa van der Voet, Max Power, Eveline Lotterer, Sam Brady, and Charlene van Pelt

Manufacturer Changes[]

  • Toyota was introduced to the series, fielding entries for Connor Breton, Trevor Holt, Rob Bob, Billy Bishop, Gregory Coleman, and John Andrews.
  • Lincoln and Buick expanded their programs, adding more teams.
  • Chevy ran both the Monte Carlo and the Camaro.
  • Ford ran both the Fusion and the Taurus.

Race Schedule[]

The race schedule consisted of 20 races. Road America replaced Infineon's event date. Silverstone, Zen Joltis, Calder Park, South Boston, and Pukekohe were added to the schedule. Martinsville was dropped from the schedule. Dover and Michigan once again switched race dates. Atlanta and Phoenix swap race dates. Coca-Cola was given a later date, after Phoenix. Richmond and Texas swap race dates. Mallala replaced Watkins Glen's event date.

Race # Track Venue Pole Sitter Race Winner
1 Daytona Int'l Speedway Daytona 500 Aaron Mason Shawn Howell
2 Bristol Motor Speedway Vegro 500 Gregory Coleman* Anna Gregg*
3 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Brickyard 400 American Flag.png Joseph Onesto John Cittadino*
4 Road America Starbucks 350 Dutch Flag.png Larissa van der Voet Dutch Flag.png Larissa van der Voet
5 Michigan Speedway Twitter 500 Connor Breton Mason Wood
6 Dover Speedway Dancemasters 400 Johnathan Thomen* Connor Breton
7 Silverstone Vauxhall 350 American Flag.png Beth Senese* Logan Smith
8 Zen Jolits Xtreme 500 John Cittadino* American Flag.png Joshua Michaels*
9 Calder Park Airbourne 500 Jackson Phillips Tyler Brown
10 South Boston Sears 350 Paul Winters* Paul Winters*
11 California Speedway Pray for Newtown 500 Evan Gattuso Logan Smith
12 Pukekohe Hollister 350 Aaron Mason Hayden Kline
13 Atlanta Motor Speedway Albert Heijn 500 on Doomsday Aaron Mason Renesmee Brown*
14 Phoenix Int'l Speedway Diecastcarsnow 400 Sam Brady Sam Brady
15 Coca-Cola Superspeedway Telfort 500 Dillon Delgado* Evan Gattuso
16 Texas Motor Speedway Led Zeppelin 500 Mason Wood Marshall Ritch
17 Richmond Int'l Speedway Papyrus 400 Johnathan Thomen* Dillon Delgado*
18 Mallala Raceway Park Clipsal 500 Trevor Holt Trevor Holt
19 Talladega Superspeedway Aaron's 499 Dillon White* Dutch Flag.png Larissa van der Voet
20 Charlotte Motor Speedway Final Countdown 600 powered by Diet MTN Dew John Andrews* Jaime Pintor


  • Larissa van der Voet and Logan Smith won the most races during the season, with two apiece.
  • Aaron Mason got the most pole positions, with three.
  • Six rookies won races this season.