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The second season of the Philips Cup Series was hosted by Robbert Pieete on his original YouTube channel, TheBob0312, as well as on his DASCAR channel, Tasmandutch. It began with the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway on August 1, 2012 and concluded with the Final Countdown 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway on October 7, 2012. Tessa Sato-Jackson won the driver's championship.

Driver List

Car # Manufacturer Driver Sponsor
0 Chevrolet American Flag.png Chris Summers NetZero/Best Buy
2 Dodge American Flag.png Evan Gattuso Miller Lite
4 Cevrolet American Flag.png Zachary Robinson Lucas Oil
5 Chevrolet Mason Wood* Kellogg's
6 Ford American Flag.png Colin Cropley Viagra
7 Chevrolet American Flag.png Trevor Holt Harrah's
8 Chevrolet American Flag.png Jarrett Stymest Budweiser
9 Dodge American Flag.png Joseph Onesto Dodge Dealers
01 Chevrolet Dutch Flag.png Inge Lamboliana U.S. Army
07 Chevrolet American Flag.png Will Meyers Jack Daniels
08 Chevrolet American Flag.png Greg Berkowitz Win Fuel
09 Dodge Chris Akin Miccosukee Resorts
Jacey Criss #
10 Chevrolet Dutch Flag.png Tessa Sato-Jackson Valvoline
11 Chevrolet Alex Jones FedEx
12 Dodge Austin Talley* Alltel
15 Chevrolet American Flag.png Ray Castor NAPA Auto Parts
16 Ford Steven Busch* National Guard
17 Ford Australian Flag.png Ryan Anderson DeWalt Tools
18 Chevrolet David Amerson Interstate Batteries
20 Chevrolet Connor Breton Home Depot
21 Ford Dutch Flag.png Eline Suijten Ford Motorcraft
22 Dodge American Flag.png David Nannan Caterpillar
23 Dodge Connor McJackson* Bad Boy Mowers
24 Chevrolet American Flag.png Billy Bishop DuPont
29 Chevrolet American Flag.png Kathy Cantara GM Goodwrench
31 Chevrolet American Flag.png Elizabeth Ross Cingular Wireless
33 Chevrolet American Flag.png Aaron Williams* Sylvania
36 Chevrolet Dutch Flag.png Johanna Darcy* Centrix
37 Dodge Dutch Flag.png Larissa van der Voet
38 Ford American Flag.png Shawn Howell M&M's
39 Dodge American Flag.png Marshall Ritch Coors
40 Dodge Jason Phillips* Coors Light
41 Dodge Nick Kaswits Target
42 Dodge Logan Crisp* Texaco-Havoline
44 Chevrolet Jason McOwdof* Kellogg's
48 Chevrolet American Flag.png Christopher Martin* Lowe's
66 Ford American Flag.png Adam Jones* Peak Fitness
77 Dodge Brody Talley* Kodak
89 Dodge American Flag.png Sam Brady Racing with Jesus
91 Dodge Chase Normile* McDonald's
97 Ford Michael Schad* Sharpie
99 Ford American Flag.png Keith Batson Scott's

* Denotes a rookie.

# Criss replaced Chris Akin (who was penalized) at the Abercrombie & Fitch 499.

Driver Changes

  • Mason Wood, Jacey Criss, Austin Talley, Steven Busch, Connor McJackson, Aaron Williams, Johanna Darcy, Jason Phillips, Logan Crisp, Jason McOwdof, Christopher Martin, Adam Jones, Brody Talley, and Chase Normile enter the series as rookies.
  • Deon Scott, Jackson Braun, Jon Pilat, Ken Johnson, Carter Keselowski, Austin Nay, Daniel Blanco, Brendan Aumann, Garrett Jones, Tyler Brown, James Qualls, Dave Henson, and Robbert Pieete did not return for Season 2 competition.
  • All other drivers swapped rides, with the exception of Trevor Holt, Jarrett Stymest, Joseph Onesto, Chris Atkin, Elizabeth Ross, Nick Kaswits, Sam Brady, Michael Schad, and Keith Batson.

Race Schedule

The race schedule consisted of 15 races. Darington lost a race slot, bumping the Martinsville and California up a week. A race at Phoenix fills the hole, and the Infineon race went to New Hampshire instead, leaving Watkins Glen as the only road course race.

Race # Track Venue Pole Sitter Race Winner
1 Daytona Int'l Speedway Daytona 500 Dutch Flag.png Eline Suijten American Flag.png Chris Summers
2 Bristol Motor Speedway Pringles 500 Austin Talley* American Flag.png Jarrett Stymest
3 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Brickyard 400 Dutch Flag.png Eline Suijten American Flag.png Shawn Howell
4 New Hampshire Speedway Tanner Dube 300 American Flag.png Zachary Robinson American Flag.png Marshall Ritch
5 Michigan Speedway McAfee 400 Mason Wood Dutch Flag.png Johanna Darcy*
6 Dover Speedway Michael Jackson 400 American Flag.png Ray Castor American Flag.png Ray Castor
7 Coca-Cola Superspeedway Nokia 500 Austin Talley* American Flag.png Chris Summers
8 Martinsville Speedway Jumbo 500 Dutch Flag.png Tessa Sato-Jackson Dutch Flag.png Tessa Sato-Jackson
9 California Speedway Apple 500 Alex Jones Dutch Flag.png Tessa Sato-Jackson
10 Phoenix Int'l Speedway Stratocaster 500 Chase Normile* American Flag.png Shawn Howell
11 Richmond Int'l Speedway Media Markt 400 American Flag.png Sam Brady Dutch Flag.png Tessa Sato-Jackson
12 Texas Motor Speedway Guns n' Roses 500 Mason Wood* Dutch Flag.png Inge Lamboliana
13 Watkins Glen Nigahiga 350 Dutch Flag.png Eline Suijten Dutch Flag.png Tessa Sato-Jackson
14 Talladega Superspeedway Abercrombie & Fitch 499 Dutch Flag.png Jacey Criss American Flag.png Colin Cropley
15 Charlotte Motor Speedway Final Countdown 600 American Flag.png Greg Berkowitz Chase Normile*


  • Tessa Sato-Jackson won the most races during the season, with four victories.
  • Eline Suijten got the most pole position during the season, with three.
  • Despite racing in Season 1, Michael Schad ran for rookie of the year, due to only running four races the year prior.
  • Jacey Criss performed the odd feat of winning the pole in his first attempt as a replacement driver for the penalized Chris Akin.
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