The DASCAR Philips Cup Series (normally shortened to PCS) is the top-tier series of DASCAR. It is hosted by Robbert Pieëte on his YouTube channel Tasmandutch[1] ". The series is named after the Dutch company Philips, and was initially called the Dutch NASCAR Cup Series.

History[edit | edit source]

The DASCAR Philips Cup Series was founded on June 13, 2012, when Pieëte posted a test race video on his original channel, TheBob0312[2]. The race featured actual NASCAR drivers in their respective cars, as opposed to the YouTube users, and was posted simply as a test video to show how the series would operate. That same day, Pieëte posted the sign-up video for the first season, where the series's name was changed to the Philips Cup Series. Season 1 would be hosted on the original channel TheBob0312, as well as half of Season 2, when the channel Tasmandutch was created and took over broadcasting of the Philips Cup Series. All sign-up videos worked the same way for seasons 1-4: A YouTube account could sign up for two cars, choosing from a carder of NASCAR Nextel or Sprint Cup cars from the years 2004-2007, respectively. During Season 4, on August 26, 2013, an announcement was made that would combine the series in existence at the time (Philips Cup series, Starbucks SuperSpeedway Series, and Philips Nationwide Series) under the DASCAR banner, changing the name to the DASCAR Philips Cup Series. Along with this change, sign-up videos now allowed users to sign up with their own cars, as the NASCAR cars were still an option for those who did not wish to paint or could not paint their own cars. In the Season 6 sign-ups, users were to either paint their own cars, request a car to be made for them, or choose a car within a set painted by Robbert Pieëte and Joseph Onesto.

Champions[edit | edit source]

Season Champion
1 Inge Lamboliana
2 Tessa Sato-Jackson
3 Inge Lamboliana
4 Larissa van der Voet
5 Jocelyn van der Aart
6 Sam Brady
7 Nicole Trojanowicz
8 Inge Lamboliana

Winners[edit | edit source]

Driver Wins
Tessa Sato-Jackson 7
Jaime Pintor 6
Inge Lamboliana 5
Shawn Howell 5
Eveline Lotterer 4
Joshua Michaels 4
Nicole Trojanowicz 4
Anna Gregg 4
Debbie Meijers 4
Leia Walker 4
Ray Castor 3
John Cittadino 3
Mason Wood 3
Andrew Robinson 3
Dillon Young 3
Dom Caps 3
Denise Steinhauer 3
Robert Goldberg 3
Aaron Mason 2
Trevor Holt 2
Chris Summers 2
Billy Bishop 2
Jarrett Stymest 2
Tyler Brown 2
Marshall Ritch 2
Larissa van der Voet 2
Logan Smith 2
Sam Brady 2
Aiden Spencer 2
Zach Sasser 2
Jackson Philips 2
Peter Saviano 2
Blake Hauschield 2
Eline Suijten 2
Kelly Waters 2
Makoto Iguchi 2
Tua Tupola 2
Luke Walker 2
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