The tenth season for the DSM Truck Series is hosted by Joshua Michaels on his CrazyChaos channel. Signups were up on May 30, 2016.

Team Chart[]


Car # Manufacturer Team Driver Primary Sponsor
1 Chevrolet William Brock Motorsports American Flag.png William Brock corvetteparts.net
10 Flag of Lithuania.svg.png Audra Baranauskas Vapor Station
50 American Flag.png Henry Williams corvetteparts.net
2 Ford Ford American Racing Flag of the Philippines.svg.png Ferdinand Gabot gogo
19 Russian Flag.png Bryan Askinoskovich Draw-Tite
4 Toyota Hudson Racing Tech British Flag.png Nathan Hudson Dollar General
22 Canadian Flag.png Ryan Reso M Technical Solutions
88 South African Flag.png Cameron Rushton Slim Jim
04 Ram RaGE Motorsports Japanese Flag.png Rei Takita Zowie from BenQ
08 Japanese Flag.png Ami Yumi1-8
American Flag.png Emily Rae9-13
8 British Flag.png Devon Roberts Vodafone
11 Toyota Tornado Motorsports American Flag.png Payton Keyes JACOB
29 Ford American Flag.png Blaine Keyes Cooper Standard
14 Chevrolet Seth Cole Baker Motorsports American Flag.png Cole Baker Alert Today Alive Tomorrow
21 American Flag.png Jonny Gardner Smokey Mountain
28 American Flag.png Seth Cole FDNY
17 Toyota The Ant Racing American Flag.png Anthony Lopez SRI Performance
18 Slow Bob Racing American Flag.png Carl Andrew Spill Fix/JEGS
86 Chevrolet American Flag.png Stan Dihn Brandonbilt Foundations
92 Ford American Flag.png Kyle Martins Advanced Auto Parts
31 Chevrolet CJ Racing Flag of Puerto Rico.svg.png Chris Dodd Enlist
33 American Flag.png Tommy Turbo Rheem
36 American Flag.png Marty McGee Lucas Oil
39 WF9 Motorsports American Flag.png Joshua Ciculli Big Green Egg
41 Toyota Chinese Flag.png Caitlin Tsang Alpha Energy Solutions
43 Ford RPM Motorsports Flag of South Korea.svg.png Troy Kang ARCO Design Build
52 Toyota American Flag.png Alex Hawkins Federated Auto Parts
51 Pieete Motorsports Dutch Flag.png Sanne Kors ARIS
54 Dutch Flag.png Robbert Pieete bitpay
58 Ford Alonso-Pinoy Racing Flag of the Philippines.svg.png Hierjel Arvin Alonso Dexcom
59 Ford Homo Sapiens MotorSports American Flag.png Martin Kay Momo
94 Chevrolet Flag of Puerto Rico.svg.png Joseph Bonkers Testoril
0 Canadian Flag.png Carl Hutchinson N/A
62 Ford Top Notch Racing American Flag.png Joseph Onesto Samsung
98 Toyota Stupidity Racing American Flag.png Spencer Pootis Safelite

Note: Emily Rae was injured before the start of the season, but medical teams have approved her return at Martinsville.

Promoters Option[]

At every Road Course, the promoter may choose up to two drivers to compete in the event.

One off entries[]

Oxford 250[]



Race # Track Venue Pole Sitter Race Winner
NC (1) Daytona International Speedway The Rookie Shootout Blaine Keyes Caitlin Tsang
1 TNDesigns 250 Chris Dodd William Brock
2 Homestead Roadcourse Round of Homestead TBD TBD
3 Bayshore Route Round of Tokyo TBD TBD
4 Texas Motor Speedway Round of Texas TBD TBD
5 Eldora The Classic TBD TBD
6 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Round of Indianapolis TBD TBD
7 Atlanta Motor Speedway Round of Georgia TBD TBD
8 New Hampshire Round of New Hampshire TBD TBD
9 Martinsville Round of Martinsville TBD TBD
10 Talladega Round of Talladega TBD TBD
11 Oxford Plains Speedway Oxford 250 TBD TBD
12 Darlington Round of Darlington TBD TBD
13 Charlotte Motor Speedway Round of Charlotte TBD TBD

Points system[]

Regular points[]

  • 1st: 50 points
  • 2nd: 45 points
  • 3rd: 40 points
  • 4th: 35 points
  • 5th: 30 points
  • 6th: 29 points
  • 7th: 28 points, etc.

Country points[]