Welcome to the DASCAR Wiki

This wiki is for the Dutch Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, also known as DASCAR, an organization that races offline races in NASCAR Racing 2003 Season through various racing series, and is hosted by a variety of people on YouTube.

Current DASCAR Series

There are currently 6 series that run under the DASCAR banner, hosted by 4 different channels on YouTube.

  • DASCAR Philips Cup Series (Tasmandutch)
    • DASCAR Regional Pro Cup (UticaHomeTrackSeries)
  • DASCAR Nationwide Series (DASCAR, CA)
  • DASCAR DSM Truck Series (CrazyChaos)
  • DASCAR Rally Championship (Tasmandutch)
  • DASCAR Martini Endurance Series (Tasmandutch)

Former DASCAR Series

  • DASCAR Shell Superspeedway Series (Tasmandutch)
  • DASCAR Shell Dirt Ringer Series (Tasmandutch)
  • DASCAR Pokemon Pro Series (TA2 Racing)
  • DASCAR IndyCar Series (DASCAR, CA)
  • DASCAR Ikea Busch Series (CrazyChaos)
  • DASCAR Ford GRC (CrazyChaos)
  • DASCAR Canadian Tire Series (CrazyChaos)
  • DASCAR Gardner Mountain National Series (Bryce Ryals, Alex Hawkins)