Sport Open wheel racing
Category Auto racing
Jurisdiction International
Founded 2016 (under DRC2)
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia (main)

Zandvoort, North Holland

President Joshua Michaels
Other key staff TBD
Official website

The DASCAR Rally X Championship is a international open wheel racing entertainment series developed by Joshua Michaels, Axiom Entertainment, and Axiom-RaGE Racing Union. Axiom-RaGE will supply the chassis and engines to the teams participating, where they can change the setups to the driver's liking.


In August of 2016, it was announced that a rally event will happen in the winter to air in early 2017 on DASCAR Sports Network. Many cars attempted the course, and the event was popular enough to warrant another season, but Michaels, wanting something entertaining, decided to go do another approach and pitched a rally series that takes place around the world for entertainment and competition. Michaels decided to enlist Axiom-RaGE Racing Union to build and supply the chassis for competition, and decided to buy a piece of land in New Zealand that was already covered in dirt and buildings, and decided to have the season finale there.

2017B is already in development with changes in the schedule already being discussed by the management.


Season Year Events Cars Season opener Season finale Champion Team champion
DRC2 2017 1 TBA March 27, 2017 TBA TBA
2017A 2017 7 14 TBA May 2017 TBD TBD TBD

Track ownership[]

DASCAR Rally X currently owns two tracks, one partially and one fully. The partially owned one is the Las Vegas Axiom Park, which is mostly owned by AxiomMoto Parks and Resorts, with Rally X owning the rest of the track. The fully owned one is New Zealand Death Trap (or known as New Zealand Rally Track). Axiom Entertianment appointed Fletcher Building, and Infratil to construct the rest of the course, while they appointed AxiomMoto Parks and Resorts to help build multiple resort areas. MotoResorts United helped AxiomMoto with building the resorts as well.

Proposed tracks[]

Sochi, Russia[]

Russia announced plans in December of 2016 to build a race track around their Olympic venue in Sochi. It will be ready to be placed in the schedule in time for the 2017B season.


A French rally track was said to be building by the start of the 2017B season.

South Korea[]

Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Samsung C&T Corporation, Korea Electric Power Corporation, Visit Korea, and AxiomMoto Parks and Resorts have announced that a hybrid track of a stadium and a rally track will be constructed in time for the 2017B season. Construction started in November of 2016.