The inaugural season of the DASCAR Ford Global Rallycross Championship Signups are now scheduled to be released late January, and the series is posted to start around mid-March. The races are set to be around 30 minutes plus, with the exception of Charlotte being at least 65 minutes.


Official Schedule[]

Race # Course Event Date Winner
1 New Hampshire DASCAR GRC @ New Hampshire TBA TBD
2 Sonoma DASCAR GRC @ California TBA TBD
3 Montreal DASCAR GRC @ Montreal TBA TBD
4 Zanvoort DASCAR GRC @ Zanvoort TBA TBD
5 Suzuka DASCAR GRC Japan Grand Prix TBA TBD
6 Monsturd Rally DASCAR GRC @ Monsturd Rallycourse TBA TBD
7 Charlotte Ford 300 TBA TBD
8 Watkins Glen DASCAR GRC @ Watkins Glen TBA TBD
9 Boston DASCAR GRC Finale @ Boston TBA TBD